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Linux Kernel [clear filter]
Monday, April 1

3:00pm GMT+07

BKK19-112 Building the Linux kernel with Clang
Linaro has been building on KernelCI to handle continuous integration of the Linux kernel with multiple different compilers and compiler versions. This is used for catching regressions upstream in the Linux kernel and LLVM code bases. This helps ensure that Android and ChromeOS can reliably ship LTS branches of the kernel built with Clang. Come learn more about building Linux kernels with Clang, and how Linaro is helping enable this work via KernelCI.

avatar for Nicholas Desaulniers

Nicholas Desaulniers

Software Engineer, Google
Nick Desaulniers is a software engineer at Google working on compiling the Linux Kernel with Clang (and LLVM).Nick has previously worked on TensorFlow’s Accelerated Linear Algebra (XLA) JIT compiler for Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), and the Linux kernel for the Nexus and Pixel... Read More →
avatar for Tri Vo

Tri Vo

Software Engineer, Google

Monday April 1, 2019 3:00pm - 3:25pm GMT+07
Session Room 1 (Lotus 1-2)
Tuesday, April 2

4:00pm GMT+07

BKK19-TR04 Fantastic tracepoints and where to find them
"I could talk to you all day kernel debugging. Really! In fact I, along with my colleague Leo, have spent are large portion of our time recently doing exactly that. However I don't have all day... I have just 25 minutes... and no slides."

In this session Daniel will demonstrate live a some of the ways to exploit both static and dynamic tracepoints to study kernel behaviour. We'll start out using just the basic tools available in even tiny busybox distribution before expanding our toolkit very slightly by copying a couple of extra binaries onto the system under debug.

avatar for Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson

Tech lead, Support and Solutions Engineering, Linaro
Currently working at Linaro where I am tech lead for the Support and Solutions Engineering team. This team provides a mixture of technical support (for developers), training and custom engineering services to Linaro members and our professional services customers. As part of my work... Read More →

Tuesday April 2, 2019 4:00pm - 4:25pm GMT+07
Session Room 2 (Lotus 3-4)
Friday, April 5

8:30am GMT+07

BKK19-503 VMs in a container-centric world
While Virtual Machines have been around for many decades containers are a relatively new development. Their usage has grown rapidly as users have started designing solutions using swarms of micro services in on-demand clouds managed by orchestration systems. At the same time containers are really just a group of processes sharing a host kernel which has led to concerns about security and isolation if things go wrong. Efforts are now underway to bring the strong isolation of virtual machines into the free-wheeling world of rapidly updated
containerised applications.

This talk will give an overview of the two technologies and how they are being brought together to provide the best of both worlds. This includes topics such as making orchestration systems VM aware as well as projects to move container run times into specialised virtual machines. We will also discuss what else needs to be done to enable the ARM eco-system to take advantage of these two complimentary technologies.

avatar for Alex Bennée

Alex Bennée

Virtualisation Tech Lead, Linaro
Alex started learning to program in the 80s in an era of classic home computers that allowed you to get down and dirty at the system level. After graduating with a degree in Chemistry he's worked on a variety of projects including Fruit Machines, Line Cards, CCTV recorders and point-to-multipoint... Read More →

Friday April 5, 2019 8:30am - 8:55am GMT+07
Keynote Room (World Ballroom BC)

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