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avatar for Wei Fu

Wei Fu

Red Hat Software (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.
Senior Software Engineer
Enterprise Linux developer with industry/server experience in Linux kernel, driver ,BSP, system porting development, LAVA(Linaro Automation and Validation Architecture) and testing with LMP. Also expert in Firmware (U-boot/arm-trusted-firmware/UEFI/ACPI) and Linux kernel development.
Currently studying Linux kernel and drive mechanism, Fedora/RHEL on ARM64, GRUB, UEFI, ACPI and continuously enriching my knowledge of Linux on Server, especially RAS(Reliability, Availability, Serviceability)/APEI.
I'm also interested in IoT, RISC-V, drone, Bluetooth/BLE, WiFi, Security/Encryption and OSS projects.
Tuesday, April 2

9:00am GMT+07

9:45am GMT+07

10:00am GMT+07

10:30am GMT+07

11:00am GMT+07

12:00pm GMT+07

Wednesday, April 3

8:30am GMT+07

9:00am GMT+07

10:00am GMT+07

10:30am GMT+07

2:00pm GMT+07

2:30pm GMT+07

2:45pm GMT+07

3:00pm GMT+07

3:10pm GMT+07

4:00pm GMT+07

4:50pm GMT+07

7:00pm GMT+07


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